Customized Workouts Designed for You

All workouts are designed to your skill level and most are completed in ten minutes. Take a fitness test or discover our plans and skill levels to maximize your health and find the perfect fit. All workouts are video based and can easily be tweaked for your comfort. See number of sets, time left, upcoming and calories burned. All workouts can start with a warm up and can be paused at any time.

Guided Meditations for Grounding and Mindfulness Throughout the Day

Meditate with a purpose of practicing regularly, not only just when you need it. Our sessions are short at just two minutes for most, allowing meditation to easily happen multiple times a day when you feel it most. From taking a work break, to easing your stresses, choose from our library of intentions and live for staying grounded. Our meditation is all audio guided by trained meditation experts.


Discover from our large library of meditations and workouts designed for wellness, diversity and health. These can range from managing stress and anxiety, to preparing for your ski trip with a killer leg workout. Join a continuous plan or break from your routine with single sessions for specific goals or challenges.

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